Beginner’s Guide to the Clash Royale Chest Cycle

If you’re new to playing Clash Royale, you may be scratching your head over the chest cycle. Chests are, after all, an important part of the game, because of all the great and useful rewards you get, so it’s frustrating when confusion abounds. However, when you break it down, the Clash Royale chest cycle becomes a lot less overwhelming. And once you understand the patterns of the chest cycle, you can begin to use it to your advantage the way elite players do.

What is the Clash Royale chest cycle?

The Clash Royale chest cycle refers to the chests players can open in Clash Royale which generally become available at cyclical intervals, though some chests you must either win through skill in battle or purchase through the app.

The different chests and their breakdowns are as follows:

  1. The Free Chest: All players are entitled to the Free Chest. When you claim it, a 4hr countdown timer begins and must reach zero before you get your next Free Chest.
  2. Crown Chest: To receive a Crown Chest, you must win 10 crowns; additionally, you can only have one every 24hrs, which is a very long cycle, so claim it as soon as you can to reap its rewards.
  3. Silver Chest: The Silver Chest is received through your valor in battle; the countdown timer for the Silver Chest is 3hrs. This is a super useful chest for new players; while lower in tier, it drops cards, gems and gold, and the short 3hr cycle is very advantageous.
  4. Gold Chest: The Gold Chest offers better items than the silver one, and it is collected via battle winning. Its cycle is 8hrs.
  5. Magical Chest: The Magical Chest is one of the highest tier chests you can win via your battle prowess. Unlike lower tier chests, the Magical Chest gives you a chance of winning an Epic Card. It’s on a 12hr cycle.
  6. Giant Chest: The Giant Chest is a drop after you win a battle. If you’re impatient to receive it, you can purchase it in the in-app store even if you’re a newbie. You get a mix of Common and Rare cards with the Giant Chest.
  7. Super Magical Chest: This is a rare drop, rarer than all the rest, but it contains the best rewards and a chance of getting a Legendary Card.

The catch

Players are assigned a random order in the cycle: 0-25. Your assigned position makes it more likely to get a Gold or Silver card in your next drop, with Magical only having one guaranteed chance in the 0-25 order numbers. (You still have chances to win Magical and up though.) Because of this pattern, you are, on average, 4 times as likely to get Silver—but eventually you will always get a Gold or a Magical, which is worth noting.

Pro tip

In closing, it’s really easy to take advantage of the Clash Royale Chest Cycle when you learn how it works. As a pro tip, always remember to take a chest as soon as it is offered; that way, the countdown timer for the next chest will begin again and you can get your next chest as quick as possible.