Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner For Tile Floors

Vacuum Cleaner For Tile Floors

Are you a new homeowner or just putting that old vacuum cleaner for tile floors to rest? Well if you plan on shopping for a new vacuum, you may want to consider a few important items that are featured with today’s models.

Types of Vacuums

Uprights. Upright vacuum cleaners are the most popular and usually the easy choice for most consumers. These vacuums usually perform the best on carpet surfaces. Using uprights with stairs does present quite a challenge.

Canisters. These vacuums cleaners have been around for quite a long time and still remain popular for many people. The canister style allows the homeowner easy access to cleaning stairs, furniture, and many other hard to reach places within the home. The disadvantage of the canister is the carpet cleaning power does not fare as well as that of the upright. However, higher end canister models do an adequate job with removing dust and dirt from carpets.

Central Vac. The central vac is the least common, but has many benefits as this is a vacuum system permanently affixed to the home that allows you to plug into the central location and vacuum away. The upside to this system is that that there is no storage space being taken away as one would have with the upright or canister. The disadvantage of the central vac system is the enormous hose that follows you everywhere you go to vacuum.

Stick. The tiny stick vacuums are usually fine for the quick cleanup of a crumb or two but not designed for weekly cleaning.

Things to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner for tile floors

Cleaning Surface Requirements: How large is the house, condominium, or apartment? Are there lots of stairs? What is the floor surface like?(E.g. carpeting, wood floors, both?). Are there lots of drapes and delicate items that also require vacuuming? Ask you self these important questions when perusing vacuum cleaners.

Noise: One common item that is often overlooked by consumers is the noise factor of a vacuum. There are vacuums that are whisper quiet in contrast to those loud machines that have the ability to disrupt those taking a nap or trying to do their homework. Please note that the vacuum features on the box or website may or may not feature the decibel rating. If such information is not listed, it may be prudent to test the vacuum out at the store or avoid buying that vacuum online if such information is not provided.

Storage factors: Consider storage ability of vacuum when choosing your vacuum. Central vacuums are usually the most storage friendly as the actual vacuum system is attached to the house. However, they usually have a very large hose and attachment that can be the storage nightmare as some hoses may exceed thirty feet. The canisters can take up a good amount of space, but work well on stairs. Stick and uprights use up the least amount of space. Also consider the attachments you select will require greater amounts of storage as well

Filter Device: Besides the overall suction of the vacuum, the choice of filter should also be an important factor when deciding which vacuum to purchase. The filters are usually categorized by conventional and High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. HEPA filters are designed to screen out tinier sized particles that can irritate the lungs and skin. Though there are some high quality conventional models out there that are capable of filtering out most particles.

Gadgets and Extras

Vacuums have all sorts of bells and whistles that may or may not entice you. Vacuums have such features as full bag alerts that alert you to when the bag is full. Other options include retractable cords and different upholstery attachments. Probably the biggest difference in vacuum options is the bagless vacuum cleaner. This system empties dust and dirt into a removable bucket thus avoiding the need to replace bags. These transparent buckets are easy to remove and empty. The removable bucket systems usually are priced a little higher than the bag systems, but then there is no further need to buy bags. The downside to the bucket system is the amount of dust and debris that can stir up into the air as you empty the can into the garbage.