Get to Know the BLC Team

bankruptcy attorney in san diego

When you’re in need of a good lawyer you can’t just choose one at random, you have to do your research and know exactly who it is that’s going to be representing you and your interests. Here you will find information about a few of the attorneys at the Bankruptcy Law Center, information that can influence your decision on whether to choose the Bankruptcy Law Center to represent your case.

Anika Renaud-Kim

Anika Renaud-Kim’s entire career revolves around the practice of Bankruptcy Law. Throughout her career, Anika has worked on over 1000 bankruptcy cases. She graduated from the California Western School of Law at the top of her class. The majority of the cases Anika handles are related to Chapter 13 and as such she has gained much experience with Chapter 13 and it’s Trustee’s office. She has handled cases in both the Central District of California Bankruptcy Court and the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Court. Anika has experience handling bankruptcy cases including upside down properties, repossessions, and foreclosures.

Derek Soinski

Derek Soinski graduated at the top of his class from both the University of West Georgia as well as the California Western School of Law in San Diego. He practices only Bankruptcy Law and has worked on over 1000 cases in the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Court. Soinski has an extensive background in the banking and finance industry, furthering his knowledge of Bankruptcy Law and how bankruptcy affects you. Soinski works on a majority of Chapter 7 cases, he also works on all of the adversarial proceedings and complex litigation cases handled by the Bankruptcy Law Center. He authored an article that was published by the California Bar Report. Soinski has appeared before all of the bankruptcy court judges in the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Court and has extensive experience in the field of bankruptcy law, as that is his sole practice. He has prior experience dealing with loans and debt and understands how filing for bankruptcy may assist with overcoming debt and other similar challenges one may face.

Christian T. Spaulding

Christian T. Spaulding graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California. He received the prestigious Wall Street Journal Student Business Award. Spaulding was part of the tax law emphasis program at Chapman University School of Law and assisted taxpayers in their cases in tax court against the Internal Revenue Service. After he passed the bar exam, Spaulding practiced as a trial attorney for the County of Orange in State Court. Since then Spaulding has been practicing consumer bankruptcy and has worked on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Spaulding has worked bankruptcy cases in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles in the Central District of California Bankruptcy Court. Spaulding is a member of the Orange County Bar Association, the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, the OCBA Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section, the OCBA and Public Law Center, the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Clinic Volunteer organization, the Saddleback Church Parking Lot Justice, the Orange County Bankruptcy Forum, and the Inland Empire Bankruptcy Forum. He has much experience in handling bankruptcy cases and is a good choice for those experiencing problems with taxes and debt.

These are the best bankruptcy attorney in San Diego and will do their best to assist you and your case and represent your best interest when going to trial. With the combined experience of the attorneys at the Bankruptcy Law Center, you can rest assured that they I’ll have someone to assist you with whatever bankruptcy situation you’re in, no matter the circumstances or complications, that are involved.