Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine: An Awesomely Simple Device

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I absolutely love coffee, including espressos and had the opportunity to try the Saeco Aroma espresso machine. I must say that for as simple as it is, I truly appreciate it on a variety of levels. I was joking to one of my friend’s about how much I wanted a cappuccino, latte, and espresso machine (this was in 2004). She laughed and of course, questioned why I wanted all three. Of course, I love coffee and appreciate everything about it so, I just used that as my reasoning.
Around the holiday season, I get a knock at the door from the UPS man asking me to “sign for this package” and little did I realize, it was the Saeco Aroma espresso machine in stainless steel. I love everything about this product, but what makes me love it is the fact it is just so simple to use. I really enjoyed the pump system, as it was extremely easy to use, but nothing compares to the boiler as it was quality. What makes the Saeco Aroma one of the best espresso machine the water tank, but I think it could better. Although Saeco Aroma espresso machine requires a lot of sanitation after each usage, it is very much worth it, as a result.

Best Espresso Machine – Should We Read The Reviews?

I have read individual reviews about the Saeco Aroma espresso machine and I must say that most complained that reliability. I have also noticed that individuals complained about the directions. I have to agree, the directions are very short, yet complex to the extent that if you are an individual who radically relies on directions, this product may not be for you. I find this product extremely simple, but I am also one who doesn’t read the directions that often unless it’s a product I am truly unfamiliar with.

In comparison to the best espresso machines I have tried, this product is so awesome and so simple, it has become an important part of my daily ordinary. I find the Saeco Aroma espresso machine better than the Saeco Classico espresso machine, but not as good as the Saeco Vienna De Luxe Espresso Machine.

My Recommendation

This product isn’t something I recommend to anyone who is looking willing to spend over $300. I also do not recommend Saeco Aroma espresso machine to those who do not like to clean up after they make an espresso. This product is also not recommended to individuals who do not like coffee nor appreciate espressos. If you are willing to spend at least $300 and you love espressos, than this product is right for you because the positives exceed the negatives. This product is for anyone who appreciates a great, quality espresso maker with a variety of benefits.

Saeco Aroma espresso machine can be purchased for around $350 for a stainless steel machine and $300 for a colored machine (usually black) on Amazon, Kitchen Universe, and at Target.

Overall, I was impressed with Saeco Aroma espresso machine on quite a few wavelengths. Would I use it again? Most definitely. In fact, I use it quite often.